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Cashback bonus: how does it work?

Betkeen is a betting exchange service created by Easysportbet and shared between our players. It is an exclusive service with the best payout rate of the gambling industry, ideal for sports betting and sports trading. If you have ever thought about accessing Betfair, Matchbook, Smarkets to become an expert on football, tennis or horse racing, you might know what a betting exchange is. If not, please refer to the following article: Betting exchange FAQ.

When do I receive a cashback bonus?

Unlike other betting exchanges, we credit a bonus every week. Betkeen is the only betting exchange platform in the world to offer a rebate on losses, in the form of cashback, giving you the best chance to become a winning bettor.

You automatically receive a bonus each Monday morning if your total profit/loss in the previous 7 days is negative. The exact period considered is from Monday (00:00 UTC) to Sunday (23:59 UTC).

Please note that the total profit/loss is calculated excluding the total commissions paid by the player (commissions are Easysportbet's revenue and therefore it is not possible to include them).

I had a losing week but did not receive a bonus. Why?

If you did not get a cashback bonus, it is most likely because of the total commissions you paid during the previous week. For instance, if your gross loss (commissions included) was 60 euros but you paid 70 euros commissions, your net profit/loss (commissions excluded) is +10 euros and therefore you are not eligible for a bonus. To read more about commissions, please refer to the following article: Commissions Explained.


How do you calculate the bonus credited to players?

We simply take the net profit/loss of winning players and deduct the net profit/loss of losing players. For example:

  • Net profit/loss of winning players=+20,000 euros
  • Net profit/loss of losing players=-30,000 euros
In this example, 10,000 euros are redistributed as a bonus proportionally to all users with a negative profit/loss in the 7 previous days.

In your Betkeen account, click on My Account and Overall Betkeen Result to see the full history of cashback credited (percentage of weekly redistribution).

I cannot withdraw my winnings from Betkeen. Why?

Nothing to worry. The profits you made since the start of the week (called reserve) are available to be withdrawn on the next Monday morning (start of a new week), however your initial deposit(s) can of course be withdrawn at any time.

If you have questions or a comment to make, please let us know through our support media (Twitter) or by email: [email protected]

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