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My bet was voided. Why?

Bets placed on Betkeen can be voided for various reasons. First of all, we remind you that Betkeen is a betting exchange created by Easysportbet and shared between our players. It is a brokerage product, and as such bets are not settled by us. With our service, you get the best payout rate of the gambling industry, ideal for sports betting and sports trading. In that sense, if you have ever thought about accessing Betfair, Matchbook, Smarkets to become an expert on football, tennis or horse racing, you might know what a betting exchange is. If not, please get more details in the following article: Betting exchange FAQ.

Why do you void bets?

As a betting agent, Easysportbet do not void bets. Easysportbet use an external provider, and this provider is common to other betting websites. The provider used is independent to Easysportbet, therefore we have no action on bet settlements and cannot modify bets that have been voided. If one of your bets was voided, you can of course contact us so we can give you more details after getting in touch with our provider. Please note that no voided bet should occur on markets labelled as unmanaged.

One of my football bets was voided at the end of the match. Why?

Several reasons can explain why your bet was voided. In our experience, a voided bet on a football match will most likely be due to a VAR review. Our provider has to determine the exact time range when the VAR was used, for instance it can be from 19:33:21 UTC to 19:34:19 UTC. In that example, all bets matched during this time range will be voided.

Why are bets matched during VAR voided only at the end of the match?

This is unfortunate and we are aware it can be frustrating when you trade, but our provider determines the exact time range usually when the match is over, for various reasons. This explains why the bet(s) will be voided only at the end of the event.

I placed one Back and one Lay bets, but only the Lay bet was voided. Why?

If you placed one or several Back and Lay bets in order to trade and lock in a profit, only the bet(s) matched during the VAR time range will be voided. A very important advice we give is to wait at least one or two minutes after a goal is scored to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Furthermore, by waiting one or two minutes after a goal is scored, more liquidity will be available which should get you better odds.


How can I know general rules about voided bets on Betkeen?

We always recommend to check the rules of the specific market you place a bet on. These rules are available once you open a market and click on the whistle button (next to ID market) on the original Betkeen version, or on see rules on the beta version.

If you have a question, please contact us through our support media (Twitter) or by email: [email protected]

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