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Advantages of a Binance account to manage your money

Binance has emerged as the premier meeting place for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies using their local currency. With Binance app and Binance website opening the P2P option, this became the perfect service to provide a viable platform for users who wish to trade their local currencies for cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Why should I get a Binance account?

Binance Pay service allows you to send assets from one Binance account to another for free, using Stablecoins (see more information about Binance Pay).

Binance allows you to trade a multitude of cryptocurrencies at very low fees (0.1%, rate available at the time this article was published). Therefore, it is easy to convert your assets into Fiat or Stablecoins at very low cost.

Binance makes it possible to receive and send funds through TRC20 network and Binance smartchain network, in order to process internal transactions at the lowest cost.

Binance is the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest liquidity available, therefore it offers the most advantageous spread and the lowest commissions.

How to top up my Binance account?

You can deposit by SEPA bank transfer (option also available for withdrawals), deposit for free with a Advcash account, or top up with a credit card (1.8%, cost at the time this article was published). You will then be able to credit your Easysportbet account almost instantly.

Please watch this video to see more details about how to make your transactions.

How to withdraw from Binance?

In addition to the standard ways of withdrawing (cryptocurrency transfer to an external address), Binance offers the possibility to withdraw to a Advcash account for free. It is also possible to order the Visa card delivered by Binance that works in any ATM accepting Visa, and get a cashback up to 8%, depending on the number of BNB you have in your Binance account.

It has to be mentioned that cryptocurrency transactions are more and more commonly used in order to trade currencies at the most competitive rates. Suppose you are residing in a country with a currency different to EUR (as your Easysportbet account can only be in EUR), using Binance will get you the best rate after you withdraw from Easysportbet.

Please bear in mind that these options are all available at the time this article was published, but can change overtime.


What cryptocurrencies can I use to fund my Easysportbet account?

We accept the following stablecoins: USDT, True USD, USD Coin and DAI. From your Binance account, we always recommend you to use the coins with the lowest fees and quickest network.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we invite you to browse the following article: Depositing With Cryptocurrencies.

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