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How to use Revolut for my deposits to Easysportbet?

Revolut is a banking app which allows you to manage your money online and comes with a card for your purchases. In this article, we explain how it is possible to deposit very easily with Revolut by using the Ramp network.

How can I quickly deposit to my Easysportbet account?

Start by going to Ramp Purchase Page. You need to enter the amount in EUR that will automatically be converted to the cryptocurrency you choose. Many different cryptocurrencies are available such as BTC, ETH, DAI or USDC. Even though it is possible to process transactions with many different currencies, we strongly recommend you to select BTC (Bitcoin) as it is the cheapest option for transactions with the Ramp network at the moment.


Register with your e-mail address, confirm it with the verification code and paste the deposit cryptocurrency address available in your Easysportbet account (BTC, ETH, etc.).


The next step is to make your payment. You can pay with your credit card, or by SEPA bank transfer but we recommend connecting your Revolut’s EUR account for faster transactions.


After you reach Revolut’s open banking gateway, use your login credentials and one time passcode to connect your account for future purchases.

The next step is to choose the account you want for the purchase (EUR), confirm and wait a few minutes to receive your cryptocurrencies in your Easysportbet account (refresh your balance if needed).

Last step is the KYC procedure (identity verification). You will need to send your identity document by email (the email address is visible on the verification page).

How fast is it to deposit with the Ramp network?

Transactions made with Ramp typically settle very quickly. If you care about speed, always choose Easy bank payments, or card payments if your banks do not yet support Easy payments. Manual bank transfers take longer and can only settle during working hours.

About Easy bank payments:
  • EUR transactions: from 10-20 minutes up to one working day
  • Card payments: up to 5 minutes
  • Manual bank transfers: anything from 10-20 minutes up to one working day.

Bank payments (EUR) in the SEPA zone are settled in sessions - there are 5-6 sessions during the day, but not all banks use all sessions for payment processing. Usually, payments made before 12:00 noon are settled on the same day, while payments sent in the late afternoon or evening will settle on the next working day. Payments made on the weekend will be processed on the next working day or D+2. The speed of payment processing depends on the bank which sends the payment. There are banks that are processing SEPA transfers as cross border with a value date D+2, i.e. two full working days.

Is Ramp a safe service?

Ramp Swaps is registered as a cryptoasset business by the UK Financial Conduct Authority for crypto activity. Ramp Link is supervised by Polish Financial Conduct Authority for the open banking activity.

If you have questions or comments to make, please contact us through our support media (Twitter) or by email: [email protected]

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